Don't accept the white powder

Here’s a lesson I didn’t think I would ever have to learn…

I was working last night pouring wine to help out with my bosses group of food engineers (I can’t believe that’s a thing and I’m honestly so mad I never went to school to become one.) Anyway I’m pouring wine and talking with folks. One guy comes up to me after I watched a man talking to him put a wooden stick up against his tongue. I’ve been cool with this guy, he’s come up multiple times and been super friendly and respectful.

He asks me “do you like sweets?” and I was like hell yeah I like sweets! He asks “do you want to try an alternative sweetener” and I was like alright… He pulls a vial of white powder out of a baggie along with a wooden stick and I’m all “woah woah woah what’s that made of” He just says it’s a protein and shrugs it off.

So I shrug it off cause I’m working and I don’t want to be rude. He gives me the stick and instructs me to grab the tiniest bit I can from the vial and stick it to my tongue. I grab a little bit, he tells me to grab more and at this point another guy is intrigued and grabbing a stick for himself. I felt like I was in the handicap bathroom stall in a shitty night club with a bunch of friends gathered around trying to get some of that white shit.

I put the stick to my tongue and lo and behold: it’s sweet! I say so and the guy looks all happy and starts passing out more samples of his sweet white powder.

Now I don’t know if this was all in my head but I could swear that I started to feel a drip in the back of my throat, and I didn’t snort shit. Not even a half an hour later I had a major headache that would only go away if I drank water. That same night I had the worst heartburn I’ve ever had!

I should’ve learned this already, but don’t take white powder from strangers… it’s so strange because some of the best coke I’ve gotten was from strangers who have a VIP table in a bar and and they had some good shit. Leave it to the one time it’s not coke that I get fucked over. c’est la vie!

Edit: I feel like this makes me sound like I love to accept random coke from strangers in the club… I’ve only done that once and do not recommend. Could’ve turned out pretty terribly for me; I was honestly lucky it wasn’t anything else. Also… coke… not my drug of choice. I don’t get the obsession.

I’m honestly just trying to sound cool because I’ve never been popular and I’m desperate for attention… not to mention the daddy issues…