I'm chasing waterfalls don't come for me TLC

We had an owners meeting the other day. It lasted four hours, only management had to attend. But our regional manager said that I was mentioned.. my social media posts specifically. How rad is that? I've only been here four years and I'm already making that much of an impact!


I'm so happy, I don't even know what to say. But I don't want to get too cocky. You know? Where I think I'm already making an impact and just kick back and enjoy the moment. I gotta make waves baby!

I'm about to OD on webinars and education. Learn all the marketing and social media knowledge I can. Fuck. With. Me. This place has no marketing department... yet. HELLO IF I CAN START MY OWN DEPARTMENT IN THIS PLACE I WILL BE UNTOUCHABLE.

We're going to the top and I'm never gonna stop, at least I hope.

You honestly never know I may be over this by next month, we'll see if this is something I actually stick with... I'm 24 years old get off my back. I'll have my life figured out when I'm 30!

All I know is I didn't eat one bite of ice cream this week, even though it started out rough and my will power in unstoppable.

Thank you, I know I'm amazing.

This post probably makes absolutely no sense but I don't care, this is my website bitch I do what I want.