I'm your new lifestyle coach... bitch

I finally realize why I broke down and bought this overpriced, completely impractical website. I needed to do something for myself. I'm constantly helping others at work, I get home and I take care of the dogs and clean so the roommates don't annoy me, I get dinner started so it's ready for  my boyfriend by the time he gets home. 

And then he got sick last week, lord help me he got so sick I had to do most everything for him. He was so sick I didn't want to complain, but he was driving me insane. And my friend who was going up to my grandparents cabin with me for her birthday kept trying to coordinate with me and asking for stuff that I was stressing about that weren't actually big deals. 

I need to take more time for myself again. I had so much time where I worked out and took care of myself and concentrated on bettering myself when I was in college. I need to get back to putting aside time for me. Meditation. Pilates. Other white girl shit that relaxes me.

Fuck pumpkin spice lattes though, that's gross.

I was worried that taking time for myself would affect my relationship or my dogs. But it's made everything better. I get so caught up in my head. I need to chill out. Get out of my fucking head. I just did pilates and some stretching after and it was only 30 minutes but fuck it was 30 minutes where the only thing I was worried about myself and trying to keep doing whatever workout I was concentrating on at the moment.

I sound like one of those over positive lifestyle coaches I gotta go before I tell YOU how YOU can change your life for the bett--holy shit.