Well, here I am at work. I created my own site on a 14 day free trial. Normally I'll start things and never go through with them so good luck to you Nat.Jo... Why did I do this? Is there work that I could be doing? Probably. Could I get fired for this... I'll get back to you on that. I'm sitting in what I--sorry you don't know  that I had to minimize you but I did. Just got a email, had some urgent report to send out by the end of the day! I had it out in 5 minutes.

You know what sucks? Since I started working here I've gained so much weight. My first desk job and the very thing I didn't want to happen has already begun. And now that I have a boyfriend I fucking want to spend all my free time hanging out with--it's extremely inconvenient let me tell you. I haven't put aside any time for myself to work out. Plus I eat... not like shit but it's not the best for sure. So here I am, slowly growing wider and slumping down more and more.

I've only been working here for 3 months.