Queen of Swords

Brilliance, honesty, clarity. I feel like I'm finding my little niche at work. Though I may not like everything that I'm doing I do like where it's heading. I need to keep going. I need to persevere and keep the end goal in mind. I'm smart. I know where my mind and creativity can take me. Now it's time to keep the course. 

I'm getting drunk tonight. Despite how confident and sure I sounded in that paragraph above, it's been a long fucking week and I need a drink. Plus I'm starving right now so I guarantee you this one Stella Cider is gonna get me buzzedddddd. 

Ooo I'm already gassy.

No I'm not already drunk.

Honestly I've been really questioning the path that I've been going down. Everything's falling into place so smoothly--which NEVER happens. It's strange. But I'm taking the right path, it's not perfect, it's not going to be easy. But it's perfect for me. And that alone right there, makes it worth it. I just got to keep staying true to myself. 

Even though half the time I don't even know if I truly understand myself yet. How fucked is that? We expect our loved ones to understand us perfectly (AND THEY DO) when half the time we're blind to who we truly are. I guess that shows how easy it is to lose perspective. I hope this... whatever THIS is, will help keep me looking at this shit from all different angles.

Steer the course captain... Oh fuck.