The roommates are driving me insane

One of our roommates grew up camping with Randy and she's living with us and her boyfriend. They plan on moving out soon and I cannot fucking wait. She is constantly complaining but not complaining to Randy about dog poop stuck to the bottom of the outside garbage bin, or how we never let her cat out, yet they're the one's constantly putting the cat away and talking about how it's not a big deal. And I have to keep my mouth shut, because they're moving out soon. It was supposed to be June 1st but now it's June 8th and I swear if they extend the date that they're moving out again I will scream.

You see Amanda's scared of me, I never hear about these complaints from her, it's either from her boyfriend awkwardly talking to me or through Randy. How can I respect someone who won't ever speak with me about anything other than trying to make awkward small talk and constantly trying to go around me? I know I have an attitude with them now because I have to bite my tongue to avoid making things awkward for Randy who's doing everything he can to keep his family and her family's relationship from becoming uncomfortable. 

I've never met someone who is like this, or I don't know maybe I have and I haven't paid too much attention to them simply because of the fact that I don't get people like that. I understand how someone can grow into that personality, lots of neglect and verbal abuse. But I can't have sympathy for someone who just turns into that type of terror. The way she treats her boyfriend is fucking awkward. Little digs at what he does, starting fights and causing drama one minute and the next minute acting like you're the victim of the entire situation. I don't know, I don't have the perfect relationship I shouldn't pass judgement on hers.

At least she's too much of a coward to try me. But if she tries to start drama with my relationship, I will end her. Apparently she's been asking Randy if everything's okay with him and me. Suggesting Randy getting a bacterial infection from my dog. If I catch her saying shit like that all bets are off.

On the plus side in exactly one month I will be roommate free, just me and my boyfriend in our own house. The only bullshit and drama we gotta deal with is our own!